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What can you expect from WinSale:

Automatic Inventory Addition

WinSale Cloud users can leverage the power of massive UPC database to create and receive brand new inventory in one barcode scan.

Unlimited Training and Support

Unlimited Support and Training, easily accessible knowledge base articles and quick response and resolution of issues at hand is just one of many perks WinSale offers

Your Data is your most valuable asset

WinSale allows you to leverage your sales and inventory data in many ways to help you stay ahead in inventory fulfillment and see your overall year to year performance.

All in one solution

WinSale, refined by continuous customer input over the years, now encompasses a comprehensive suite of features, from Purchase Orders supported by a UPC database to Invoicing, Accounts Payables, and eCommerce options

Client Testimonials

Terry S
Terry S
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Winsale helped us grow from a 1.5 million to a 3.2 million dollar operation and here are some of the reasons. 1. The customer support is second to none. Issues were fixed immediately and support for specific requests were tailored to our objectives. 2. The different types of reports that were able to be generated helped make analytically solid decisions that were key to the store's development. 3. The fast and efficient system allowed us to focus our labors towards marketing our business saving money in labor costs without loosing a step in the store. 4. The adaptability of Winsale to be used and changed to our unique needs and many others' needs is remarkable and cannot go without being mentioned.
Ryan W
Ryan W
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The ability to have it tailored to your needs and the simple user interface that is straight forward, self explanatory, and easy to use and teach. The ease of pulling reports specific to what I want to find and am looking for is fantastic and takes a lot of muddled information and makes it easy to read and apply to our business.
John B
John B
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Thanks for all your help! Magnum has the kindest and most patient technical support staff I have ever dealt with. This system was so easy for my employees to catch on to. Other systems took 5 times as long! Even with the ease of usage, the support staff is the biggest reason why I recommend Magnum Software!

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