WinSale Analytics for Brands

Is your brand struggling to understand which styles are hottest in independent stores, leading to overstocking on certain styles and missed sales opportunities on others? 

WinSale, an advanced POS system used by many independent shoe stores, unlocks these crucial sales insights for participating brands.

Benefit: Receive timely reports ranking your items by popularity, from top sellers to duds, empowering data-driven decisions in forecasting demand.

Privacy assured: No individual store names, locations, or prices are ever revealed. Data received by your brand only pertains to your top-selling styles, run by region.

Program participation is free for brands: In exchange, share your UPC database of existing and upcoming styles, making ordering easier for stores and saving you time on processing manual orders or orders placed over the phone.

Win-win outcome: Brands get valuable sales insights, stores enjoy streamlined ordering without having to manually import inventory item by item, and everyone wins!

Join us: Help independent stores thrive and take your brand's sales to new heights!

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