Our work speaks for itself

Below you can find business names that can attest to WinSale’s abilities and how it transformed their work environment for the better.

Winsale helped us grow from a 1.5 million to a 3.2 million dollar operation and here are some of the reasons. 1. The customer support is second to none. Issues were fixed immediately and support for specific requests were tailored to our objectives. 2. The different types of reports that were able to be generated helped make analytically solid decisions that were key to the store's development. 3. The fast and efficient system allowed us to focus our labors towards marketing our business saving money in labor costs without loosing a step in the store. 4. The adaptability of WinSale to be used and changed to our unique needs and many others' needs is remarkable and cannot go without being mentioned.

Terry S

Below you can find some of the references. Others available by request. To obtain more information or to speak to our staff about WinSale, please contact us.


Suttons Safety Shoes
Blue Collar Work Wear
Blue Collar Work Wear
Blue Collar Work Wear
Red Wing Shoe Store
C & L Shoes
REM Boots
Red Wing Shoe Store
Red Wing Shoe Store
Boots ‘n Jackets
Red Wing Shoe Store
C B Forrest Workwear
Shoe Fair
Red Wing Shoe Store
Shoe Fair
Phillips Shoes
Red Wing Shoe Store
Red Wing Shoe Store
Lee’s Shoes
Phillips Shoes
Blue Collar Workwear
Fayetteville Footwear
Diamond Back Boots & Outfitters
Red Wing Shoe Store
Phillips Shoe Store
Emerald Isle
Adrian’s Shoes and Repair


La Grange, NC
Olean, NY
Rochester, NY
James Town, NY
Peoria, IL
West Salem, OH
Groton, CT
Roseville, MN
Springfield, IL
Decatur, TX
Anchorage, AK
Cayce, SC
Mullins, SC
Saginaw, MI
Whiteville, NC
Mt Pleasant, SC
Decatur. IL
Dunn, NC
Hilton Head Island, SC
Olean, NY
Fayetteville, NC
Corpus Christi, TX
Des Moines, IA
Charleston, SC
Las Cruces, NM
Bloomington, IL