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Distributive Inventory

WinSale now has the ability to distribute inventory from a central warehouse using the already existing Red Line inventory method. This is done by using an auto-transfer system from the warehouse entity (Store number 0) using the pre-established Red Line mechanism for each of the child stores. It works exactly…

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Inventory Seasons

In addition to the Department and Class inventory properties, styles can now also be defined by a Season Property. This brings many opportunities to the WinSale reporting system but can also give new utility for seasonal purchasing and automatic transferring.

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Mobile Shoe Truck Sales

One of the most overlooked features that WinSale’s Cloud solution offers is the ability to run sales on mobile shoe trucks in real-time. No more need for handwritten receipts and then hours of retyping or transferring sales to the store’s Point Of Sale system. You ring up the sale in…

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WinSale Offers multiple levels of employee control!

Did you know, that WinSale has the ability to silently email the store owner/general manager any time there is a cash void happening at the store? This is done in order to help management identify a possible cash theft at the store by employees. Once set up, this feature works…

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