Being in Safetywear industry for so long, we know that a lot of clients will have very unique requirements, such as multiple stores across different states, mobile shoe store trucks for selling to manufacturing plants and factories and the need to sell online. 
Well, we are here to tell you that all of that is possible with WinSale! Sales made on shoe trucks can be done in real time, with trucks having their own inventory and even being able to charge for items that are exceeding subsidy amount on the spot! 

Main office will be able to run all of the sales reports and get Sales Tax Worksheets for all stores, states, counties and special tax codes affecting every sale! No more guessing or manual calculation of the taxes owed to the government! 

We strive to think of every aspect of running a safetywear business in regards to operations and automate as much of it as possible in order to lessen the burden on our clients. 

Give us a call or book a demo, so that we can show you what WinSale can do for your business!