Period Hot Seller Report

This is the main report for analyzing sales information. It will provide you with a summary of all of your sales, profits, and Margins. The figures are lumped into subtotals by many organizational groupings. Sales data can be suppressed into subtotal by grouping or it can be shown in detail. Current stock levels are also supplied. When running the report by Style it can hyperlink to a matrix inventory system that shows all details down to the size and color or width of the items.

The user supplies a specified date range, and a choice of one of the following inventory and Sales groups:

  • Item number
  • Vendor number
  • Size
  • Color
  • Style
  • Department
  • Date Code
  • Class
  • Salesman number
  • Customer number
  • Major Account
  • Receipt Number

Within each of these groups, you may further narrow down and filter to vendor, department, or Class ranges, making this an extremely flexible report. This report also includes an average ticket in dollars, the number of sales tickets, and the average number of items on the ticket per criterion. Sell thru

The report can be run for a single store, a list of stores, or all stores. The sales data can be combined, or separated by individual stores.

1. Periodic Hot Seller Report Dialog

2. Example Report:

3. Matrix Inventory Linking

4. Matrix Linking Steps

5. Matrix Inventory

6. Summary

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