How do I reset my Zebra Printer?

If you are using a standard roll of labels (1.25″ by 2.25″): 1. Turn off your printer.

2. With Printer turned off, press and hold the FEED button.

3. While holding the feed button, turn the printer on.

4. Continue holding the FEED button until the status light starts flashing in a series of flashes.

5. Wait until the light flashes in a series of 4, then release the feed button.

6. This will reset the calibration, the printer might spit out some labels.

7. When the printer is done recalibrating, press FEED one more time. It should spit out just one label. If it did, congratulations, you just successfully recalibrated the device!

If you are using any other size labels, perform the same steps as above, with only one exception: wait for the light to flash 7 times, before releasing the feed button.

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