Epson Receipt Printer won’t open the Cash Drawer/ Won’t Cut the Receipt

If you are using Generic/Text only Driver for your Epson TM-T20II/TM-88V Receipt Printer and also use a cash drawer, you have an option to manually force the drawer to be popped every time the receipt prints. In order to do that directly at the printer level:

Press Start – type Control Panel select View Devices and Printers under Hardware and Sound, right-click on the Epson Receipt Printer in question and select Printer Properties. In a new window that opens, go to the Printer Commands tab and in the Start Print Job tab, insert this code:


In order for the receipt printer to cut the sheet upon print completion, staying on the same tab, click into End Print Job and insert this code:


The 0A0A is two line feeds at the end of the print job before cutting off the receipt tape, to increase the line feeds, add as many 0A (that is ZERO-A) as necessary.

EPSON U220 Codes

For the Epson U220 Receipt Printer codes are slightly different.

Cash Drawer Open Code is:


Feed then Cut Receipt is:


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