We could not detect a thermal Printer – UPS WorldShip online

If you get a “We could not detect a Thermal Printer” message when trying to reprint a UPS label using the UPS website, there are four steps to fixing this. This Knowledge Base Article is for you! 1. First, you have to go to java.com and download the latest Java version available. After you download the installer, run it.

2. After the installation is complete, go to UPS Page to download the appropriate drivers for your label printer. Skip this step if your driver is already installed.

3. Go to your browser settings and enable/allow pop-ups just for the UPS.com website.

4. Final step is to download a Java Applet from the UPS website, that allows it to communicate directly to the printer. After the download is completed, run the setup file to install the applet. You are now done!

Now, if you try to print labels from the UPS website directly to your UPS printer, it will work out of the box. No need to call UPS Support!

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